It seems like the price of everything is going up nowadays.  Rent, food, and gasoline are just a few of the things that are going up in price.  Now it looks you may have to pay even more money to ride some roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas.

Between the price of parking, food, and admission to the park itself, the cost to take your family to Six Flags Over Texas can add up pretty quick.  Over the past few years, the park has tried to make a trip to the park as affordable as it can to families, by offering season passes, and other admission discounts.

Last week the Six Flags Entertainment Corporation announced that it would be increasing the price of admission to its parks.  The company believes that raising the price of admission will provide a better theme park experience for its customers.   Instead of offering as many discounts as possible, and packing the park to maximum capacity, the company believes that the park can be just as profitable with lower attendance, and higher admission process.

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With the increased admission prices, the park plans on making improvements to target families more.  Several improvements are already in the works such as improving the quality of its food and drink offerings, and decreasing the time spend waiting in line for rides.  In fact, two brand new rides are scheduled to open later this year.

While nobody wants to pay more for park admission, I believe that this is a smart move by the company.  The extra revenue from the increased admission will help the park make the necessary improvements to remain profitable.  Plus, I’m all in favor for anything that leads to shorter lines for the roller coasters.

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