Next time you make a grocery list, you could add ammo along with your milk and eggs.

State of the Art Ammo Vending Machines Popping Up in Oklahoma

Back in 2023, a new ammo company started up with the intention of making purchasing ammo safe and convenient. American Rounds has started putting up vending machines in the Midwest, with Oklahoma actually having the most locations. Kingston, Lindsay, Noble, and Wetumka grocery stores have a vending machine near the entrance of the grocery store.

These Are What the Vending Machines Look Like

How Does it Work?

First you select what type of ammo you want. Then you will scan your ID. Then the machine does a 92 point facial recognition on your face to make sure the face on your ID, matches the face in the store. American Rounds says their facial recognition is more advanced than what the TSA uses at airports. This way someone using another ID cannot purchase the ammo. If they match, you pay, and the ammo comes out of the machine.

Check Out What it Looks Like in an Oklahoma Grocery Store

Just like seeing a Redbox kiosk at the checkout, an American Rounds machine could be right there in the near future. The company is definitely in the early stages with machines in a select few cities, but I imagine these will be a huge hit in the South. We will wait and see if people actually use these things to purchase ammo.

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