Hey Dallas Stars security, what in the hell are we doing?!

New Dallas Stars Fans, Meet Nick Moroch

Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Five
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In case you hopped on the 1 seed Dallas Stars bandwagon recently and are new to the team. Let me introduce you to Nick Moroch. Believe me, you will notice him at some point during your Dallas Stars viewing experience. He has season tickets right behind the goal and when the puck comes to his side. You will see him standing up, pounding the glass, with his legendary #BANG sign. That was until last night.

#Bang Sign Banned

Puck drop officially happened around 8:50 last night. About an hour later, Stars fans were informed that Nick's Bang sign had to be put away. What in the f*** are we doing NHL? Nick has to be at 90% of our games (I'm just guessing by the way, he could be at all of them). He does this every f***ing game. Now we get to playoffs and this is not allowed?!

Spittin Chiclets Guys Roast #Bang Guy

The hosts of Spittin Chiclets a hockey podcast for Barstool Sports both tweeted out their disdain for Nick's glass pounding and bang sign. Listen guys, Nick is a part of going to a Dallas Stars game. Whether you're watching on TV or at the American Airlines Center. He's been doing this for years and I don't like bad vibes in the playoffs. If Nick has been doing this all season long, well Nick. You should be doing it during the playoffs as well. F*** the haters and Bang On.

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Dallas will be at home again this Wednesday with puck drop set for 8:30(which is a f***ing lie, it will be around 8:50 when that game starts). Hopefully I get to see some #Bang tomorrow night.

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