Turns out animals get very confused when it gets dark outside.

I Promise This is the Last Solar Eclipse Story for 2024

I do not plan on writing anymore solar eclipse content in 2024 because frankly I am sick of it at this point. One last thing I wanted to share was coverage from the Dallas Zoo on Monday. Turns out they had a major solar eclipse party at the zoo and once the moon blocked the sun. Some of the animals began acting like it was nighttime.

Flamingos Huddled Together During the Eclipse

When flamingos feel threatened, they tend to huddle up. Safety in numbers sort of thing. On Monday when the eclipse started happening, the flamingos all got together in one corner of the habitat.

CNN Was Live at the Zoo Watching What the Animals Did

One of the weirder things that happened to one of the animals was an ostrich laid an egg right before the solar eclipse and during the path of totality. The ostrich hovered over the egg protecting it. Once the sun came back out, the ostrich was no longer fearful of something happening to the egg. Zoo keepers are not sure if the egg laying is a coincidence or something to do with the solar eclipse. Many of the giraffes and zebras began running around their enclosures during the solar eclipse as well.

Elephants and Gorillas Thought it Was Nighttime

The final weird thing that some of the Dallas Zoo animals did was attempt to go back into their habitats to go back to sleep. I am sure at this point, these animals know that darkness means bedtime. Well the gorillas and elephants were ready to call it day once that sun disappeared.

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Alright no more solar eclipse content from me. We won't be experiencing another solar eclipse in our area until 2045 so hopefully I am not writing anymore about a solar eclipse til then.

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