Dad jokes and broken hearts. We've all heard them and we've all had them. But what is it when a child walks into his father's room and tells what would have been an all-time greatest hits contender of a Dad Joke?

First a bit of setup. My first broken heart occurred when I was about this young lad's age. I'd been not so secretly crushing on one of the girls in my Kindergarten class. Then one day it was over. I seem to have blotted that bit of personal history from my memory but my mother tells me I came home and was simply inconsolable with sadness. When she asked what happened I blurted out that my crush had broken up with me. I've never quite recovered and am a pushover for redheads to this day.

Fortunately this young man seems to have taken the end of his romance in stride and announces his misfortune to his dad. When his dad asks why she broke up with him the kid says, "Because I told her my love is like ..." Well, I'll just let him tell you.

With a sense of humor like that he'll have a new girlfriend in no time.

If this is the kind of thing the kid is saying I can only imagine the jokes from the father.

Poor mom.

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