Music is known for its healing power, and Luke Bryan found time to bring some light to a family who were struggling. The country singer recently surprised a mother and her two daughters on their doorstep before his concert later that night.

In a video uploaded to Bryan's YouTube page Thursday (Oct. 22), a woman named Diane explains how her oldest daughter, Lisa, saved her life by donating her kidney.

"My kidneys were shutting down, and if I didn't do something, I was going to die," she says softly. "My daughter is everything to me. If Lisa wasn't here and able to step up, I wouldn't be here talking to you today."

She then explains how the entire family love Luke, and it was his music that got them through the tough times. The family had never gotten a chance to meet the singer until now. They didn't know about his visit beforehand.

"I'm nervous," Bryan admits as he approaches the family's home. "I rarely get nervous. Here we go!"

As Lisa opens the door and realizes who is outside, she screams and begins to cry before the superstar comforts her and lets her know that they'll be having a good day.

"Look at you, you're real!" Lisa exclaims before the family hop on the tour bus with Bryan for a private performance and backstage tour. "Your music has helped me and my sister and my mom get through the times that were so dark," she tells the singer.

Before the day comes to a close, one thing is certain: Luke and his music put a big smile on all three faces.

"Experiencing this night with my daughters is so amazing and it's a treasure we'll always keep," Diane says.

Watch the video of Luke's surprise above.

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