Luke Combs brought the country to New York City with the debut performance of his new single, "She Got the Best of Me" on Good Morning America. 

Combs' voice is strong as he delivers the melancholy number that explains the only sanctuary for his broken heart is a guitar. There's an authenticity Combs brings to each performance, and that rings true for "She Got the Best of Me," where his husky vocals soar on the reflective lyrics: "She got the best of me / She broke my heart / Now all that's left of me / Is beating in this guitar / Every night, a different sound / She follows me around / So you get what's left of me."

The singer has a way of making you believe every word he says, with the passion in his voice perfectly expressing the pain of the song.

Combs is following his hot streak of three consecutive No. 1 hits with the latest installment off his groundbreaking album This One's For You. "She Got the Best of Me" is one of five tracks included on the deluxe edition of the album, titled This One's For You Too, and is a fan favorite during his live show.

Combs quickly made an impact on the country music landscape with the album, and is marveling at the support he's received from fans. "I would have thought we'd have a little bit of success. But not the year that we've had," he tells Taste of Country's Ania Hammar, host of That's What She Said. "Right now we've got fans who've been to 30, 40 shows, which is crazy ... it's hard to imagine the support that we have, kind of everywhere. We sold out in Hawaii, went to Europe, we went to Australia. It's just hard to imagine that five years ago, I couldn't get a guy to stop eating a chicken wing and listen to me play."

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