We had a surprise visitor to The Bull studios Monday afternoon. Luke Robinson, who grew up around Wichita Falls but has moved off to Nashville to work on his music career, dropped by to catch up and chat about his latest CD, More Like Me.

The disc starts off with the energetic, Yee-Haw, then moves into She Drinks Alone, the cut groomed to be the lead-off single. While the song obviously leads you in one direction, there is a very nice twist at the end of the video.

The rest of the disc ranges from today’s modern country sound to some nice old school traditional vibes and even a little rock & roll with a Rolling Stones cover for the final track. Over the course of the disc Luke has a chance to stretch his range from raucous honky-tonk party tunes to something more gentle and tender, and he has writer credits on almost every cut.

It’s been a long time since Luke was up to visit us – we got to talking and figured out he wasn’t even driving the last time he came to visit – and a lot has happened in his life and career in the mean time. Living in Nashville puts him in the company of the right people to write and record with and he continues to grow as an artist. Luke tells us he’s busy hitting the road, playing his tunes and building his career, and while he has no shows scheduled for Wichita Falls at the moment, we shouldn’t be surprised if he pops up at The Iron Horse Pub or The Warehouse in the near future.

If he does we’ll be sure to tell you about it!

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