American Idol fans were taken aback when a very quiet and dark contestant took the stage ... that nevertheless, somehow, seemed familiar.

The contestant gave an unenthusiastic show while answering questions from the staff. She walked in looking dreary without an expression. Lionel Richie immediately said "Oh boy," and looked at the camera as if to ask if the producers were serious.

When asked if she knew who the judges were, the gothy femme answered: "So I know Katy Perry, she's really famous. I don't know a ton of her songs, I do know 'Bad Romance.' When I walk into that room I really want to bring an energy that the judges have never seen before."

Even though she seemed very unenthused, she did allow, "I am amped to get in there and sing for them today."

When Luke Bryan asked how she was, she picked up her hand an inch to give a so-so wave. Perry then asked what her name was, and it turned out to be "Lady Mapo" from Omaha, Nebraska. When asked why her name was Lady Mapo, Bryan chimed in and said "Like maup-oh?" To which they mysterious contestant replied that was the name of her cat that died.

Perry asked if she felt like she was the next American Idol. Her answer was a bit alarming. "I just feel like last year was really just boring and just too American." The judges looked extremely puzzled and unsure as to what to do.

The piano began and she began to dance. And, she took off her wig to reveal ... it was last year's winner, Maddie Poppe, pulling a good one over on the panel. The judges were relieved, to say the least!

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