Shocking Footage Reveals Terrifying Houston Apartment Robbery.

The video below is from an incident that happened on Friday, January 5, 2024, at about 3:00 pm, where an employee of the complex went to the mailroom in an apartment building on Post Oak Street in Houston, Texas.

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He saw a man who looked like someone who had been stealing mail from the property.

Mail Robbery Escalates to Aggravated Assault

The employee took a picture of the man with his phone. The man approached the employee, took his phone forcefully, and left the building with an unidentified woman.


Don't Get Stabbed Over Mail!

The apartment complex employee said the suspect showed a knife when confronted outside, so they stepped back as the suspect and the woman ran away.

The remainder of the video shows several angles of the suspect from another point in time where he's just kind of milling about, I'm assuming this is so we can get a good look at him.

Do You Recognize Either Person?

Suspect description: White male, around 5'10, medium build, goatee, black jacket, black pants, and a white cap. Suspect #2: White or Asian Female, 5'04 to 5'06, slim, blue jean jacket and blue jeans.

If you recognize him, please contact @CrimeStopHOU with info. Details at HoustonPoliceRobbery.Org (West Squad).

Check out the video below:

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