I know everyone wants to have a memorable marriage proposal, but you don't have to ruin everyone's day with it. 

Living in Texoma, we deal with virtually no traffic. Growing up in Baltimore, my 45-minute commute to school averaged 2 hours some days depending on traffic. No one likes traffic, especially for stupid reasons. An accident is something that can hold up traffic and that's what the people in Houston thought happened the other day.

Vidal Valladares Navas enlisted his friends to stand in front of lanes of traffic while he proposed to his girlfriend Michelle Wycoff in the middle of the highway near downtown Houston. The hopeless romantic posted a photo of the proposal to Instagram with the caption, "When you shut down one of the biggest and busiest freeways in the entire country (I45) and you ask your girl if she wants to marry u, that moment is priceless love u #shesaidyes."

The Houston Police Department is currently investigating if any complaints were filed and if any further action will need to be taken. To anyone getting ideas, this is a marriage proposal you should not try to do yourself. In fact, don't block all lanes of a highway for any reason.

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