Want to have everything to start your own McDonald's? Here is your chance. 

Sadly, the McDonald's in Burkburnett is closing down. Don't be too sad though, a brand new location is opening right next door. Since they have all new equipment in the restaurant. They're selling everything from the old location and they do mean everything.

If you know someone who is in the market for some restaurant equipment, they need to go to the McDonalds at 819 Sheppard this Wednesday (May 3). They will be selling this stuff from 8am-5pm tomorrow. If you're interested, I would suggest getting there earlier.

They have grills, fry vats, stainless equipment and drink towers. They're also selling the booths and the big McDonald's sign out front. All I want to know is, do you guys have any of that Mulan Szechuan sauce? I will pay good money for a box of that.

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