NOTE: The raw video footage above may be difficult to watch, viewer discretion is advised

Some parts of Texas were affected by strong storms this weekend and some Texans came together to help a truck that just rolled over. 

You probably heard about the tornado that touched down in Canton, Texas this past weekend. Just a ten minute drive away in Myrtle Springs, Texas, they were dealing with torrential rain and high winds. A truck flipped over and went off the side of the road into the flooded embankment.

Luckily, some good Samaritans saw this and tried to get the people out of the vehicle. One of them being a two-year-old. The footage is scary to say the least because you can see how bad the flooding is on the side of the road. They get the baby to a nearby medical team and you lose video. From the audio at the end, it sounded like the baby started to breathe again. The infant was having some trouble breathing though and then the video just ends.

According to WFAA, the infant is doing fine. The toddler, seen strapped in his booster seat, was also saved and was moving.

The father put this on social media. "Update on addy bug, she is stable and doing much better. Still under sedation but pulling the breathing tube in the morning to see if she can do it on her own."

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