You won't believe your eyes as these brazen individuals casually stroll out with merchandise!

Something surprising happened in Houston when a group of guys did something really daring at an Academy Sports store.

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They were caught on camera, and we have the video below. To be clear, we're not accusing these rascals of anything. Maybe they paid for these items, asked not to have them put in a bag, and then decided to walk the long way around to leave because they're counting their steps as part of a New Year's resolution to be more fit.


The Scene

This surprising thing happened during the day. The guys didn't seem worried at all as they walked out of the store carrying lots of stuff. The video shows how confident they were, and it's hard to believe they did it in broad daylight.


The Getaway

What's even more surprising is how they got away. They didn't run or hide; they just walked away like it was no big deal. People who saw it happening didn't even notice because the guys blended in with everyone else on the busy Houston streets.

Check out the video below:

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