If you missed out on college football this weekend, you missed out on of the craziest endings ever. So crazy that one fan even had a heart attack.

It looked like Michigan Wolverines would be walking away with a win after holding off the Michigan State Spartans for most of the game.

All they had to do was punt the ball with only 10 seconds left to give them a 23-21 win. That was before the unthinkable happened.

The Wolverine's punter fumbled the snap! Not only that but he basically tossed right into the arms of am awaiting Spartan as he was trying to fall on the ball.

That's when it all unraveled. The Spartans ran the ball all the way back to the end-zone as time expired, giving them a stunning 27-23 win over their bitter rivals.

And apparently one fan was so shocked by the outcome that he even had a heart attack! Luckily though that fan is in stable condition as of Saturday night.

It wasn't all good times for the Michigan State Spartans though. Freshman Jalen Watts-Jackson, who ran in the game winning touchdown ended up fracturing his hip when he was tackled into the end-zone, and it probably didn't help that his teammates dog-piled him right after. He'll more than likely miss the rest of the season.

The insanity doesn't end there though. One reporter in Grand Rapids obviously didn't watch the last 10 seconds of the game because he gave an entire report on how Michigan beat Michigan State. He tweeted his apology of course.

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