Heartbreak's the name of the game in this new batch of country music videos, although each artist takes their breakup pain in a different direction. Read on to watch all the clips!

Midland, "Cheatin' Songs":

Midland delivers up a honky-tonk throwback feel in the new music video for "Cheatin' Songs," filmed live at the long-closed Palomino Club in Los Angeles. Re-opened for a one-night special event to shoot Midland's retro performance, the smokey atmosphere and rhinestone encrusted fans, filmed by Collin Duddy, perfectly capture the old school country sound that the band offers up so well.

Kassi Ashton, "Hopeless":

Kassi Ashton's music video for "Hopeless," her newest song, offers a glimpse into the padded cell we sentence ourselves to when we get lost in our thoughts.

"I wanted to visually show the mental asylum we put ourselves in when we feel hopeless and alone," Kassi tells CMT. "That's where the stark room and bare mattresses come from, sort of an alternate mental version of your bedroom where you cry over a lost lover. It's my favorite video I've ever done." The twitchy cinematography and bland white and gray background give off institutional vibes, much like the cerebral lyrics of the catchy tune.

Nathaniel Rateliff, "What a Drag":

Danny Clinch directs the newest music video from Nathaniel Rateliff for "What a Drag." The gritty, black and white film takes Rateliff into the depths of a mysterious mannequin collection, as he sings about the darker side of love and loneliness.

“I was excited to work on this tune the moment I heard its moody cinematic opening," Clinch says in a press release. "I felt we could make a strange little film that would allow the viewer to make their own interpretation of what the song and video means to them.”

Kalsey Kulyk, "Roll With It":

Kalsey Kulyk  says that the video for her latest song "Roll With It" captures exactly the message she was trying to send.  A couple deal silently with conflict and moves forward through life, interspersed with shots of Kulyk's emotive performance.

"When the directors for 'Roll With It' pitched me their idea for the video, I was so excited to get started," Kulyk tells Billboard. "It was exactly the way I'd pictured it. This song is so honest and vulnerable that I knew it was going to portray the song in the only way I saw it... A broken love - one you stay in because it's all you know..."

Parker McCollum, "Pretty Heart":

Parker McCollum takes a rooftop view of the love he chased away in the music video for his song, "Pretty Heart." McCollum sees glimpses of a happier past, after the girl he hurt leaves him behind in tears. Delivering the tune from a New York skyline, the singer reminisces about the pretty heart that he has broken.

Chris Bandi, "Man Enough Now":

Trying to prove he's "Man Enough Now" in his new music video, Chris Bandi works to prove to a girl that he's lost that he's become a better person. In the clip, shot outside Nashville bar Southern Grist, a frantic man watches the girl he loves move on, while he tries to show her that he's not the boy that broke her heart, but he's a new man.

"It shows the story of a failed relationship and the guy realizing he lost something that he kind of took for granted and the steps of maturity and the sort of growing up that the lyrics talk about," the artist shares with CMT.

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