Responding to Rev. Robert Jeffress giving the opening prayer at the dedication of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, Mitt Romney blasted Jeffress as a "religious bigot".

The out-spoken and controversial former Wichita Falls pastor Robert Jeffress was on hand Monday at the opening of the new United States Embassy in Jerusalem to give the blessing. The night before, the former Massachusetts Governor and U.S. Senate hopeful from Utah slammed Jeffress for his previous remarks against Jews, Mormons, and Islam,

Speaking to NBC News, Jeffress denied he was a bigot, but doubled down on his negative opinions of Mormonism, Romney's religion, calling it "wrong" and a "cult",

Mormonism has never been considered a part of historic Christianity. People may disagree with that view, but it’s not a view unique to me.

Jeffress' presence in Jerusalem was criticized as hypocritical, given his previous statements that all non-Christians were destined for hell. Jeffress has also spoken out against Islam, calling it a false religion with a false text and started by a false prophet.

While nations including Palestine and several European counties have condemned President Trump's recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol and moving the embassy there, many Christian Zionists have praised the decision, saying its a step towards the second coming of Christ.

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