A new list is out for the most popular Christmas candy by state, and if you gave me one hundred guesses, I would've never gotten the one for Texas.

Seriously, besides candy canes, can you think of any other Christmas candy? It seems like every other candy company has their same candy, just in red and green wrapping this time of year. Sure, Reeses does the Christmas tree shaped cup, but those never look like an actual tree.

This list is the candy everyone stuffs into those Christmas stockings. For Texas, it's the classic Pez. I'm guessing people are actually getting a new Pez dispenser and not just the candy. Also, am I the only one that never put the candy in the dispenser and just opened up the package to eat it? I want my candy now, I don't want it to look like I am snapping Darth Vader's neck so I can get my candy. In Oklahoma, the favorite candy for Christmas is Starburst.

Just for fun, I decided to take a look back at the most popular Halloween candy for our states. Texas loves candy corn, not a candy you associate with Christmas, however, Christmas candy corn does exist. It's red, white and green instead of yellow, orange and white, and it's also the favorite Christmas candy in Utah and Alabama.

Oklahomans hand out M&Ms for Halloween, that could definitely make the Christmas category. They have the red and green package that comes out. Plus they have had the same Christmas M&M's commercial since 1995 with Santa finding the Red and Yellow M&M in the house. Christmas M&Ms are the candy of choice in Idaho, Tennessee and Virginia.

Even though it is not candy, we all know the best Christmas treats are those Christmas tree cakes made by Little Debbie. I could eat a whole box and not regret anything about it.

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