Oklahoma, I am shaking my head at your poor decisions in life.

If you hate Valentine's Day, the one plus is on February 15 you get half-price candy. So much Valentine's Candy gets bought, it's just something you do on this day. Wheather it is for your significant other or you're a kid in elementary school handing out your TMNT cards with some sweets attached. Candy is the best part of Valentine's Day.

Thanks to The Candy Store we know how much candy every state is buying and which one is the most popular. Texas is the classic heart-shaped box of chocolates. My momma said life is always like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Most of those chocolates are trash, but those few select pieces are amazing.

Now we come to Oklahoma, you enjoy those conversation hearts. I thought we all agreed as a nation about this candy. The conversation hearts, you know the candy invented by Satan. Some dude in Iowa is grinding up chalk and passing it off as candy for decades now. Then he put witty sayings on it like 'U R CUTE'. These things taste awful and are somehow are still getting bought every year.

Oklahoma, you need to do better in your life buying up these awful candies. You deserve no Valentines this year until you make wiser choices.

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