So ... The Shelter in Place order for Wichita Falls has been extended to May 5th. How are you holding up? Hopefully you're doing better than this mother who decided to help her son practice his trombone lesson by using various kitchen items to keep time.

No, she doesn't really bang her head on the counter (although after just one pass through the video we can totally understand why she would want to), she actually slaps it with her hand.

Whatever her son is playing on the trombone it doesn't sound like any song we've ever heard before, perhaps that's what brought out the percussionist in his mother.

We know it can be tough, but hang in there. Maybe order a mute for that trombone and have it sent next-day delivery, but hang in there and we'll get through this coronavirus COVID-19 situation eventually.

Stay safe, stay home, stay Falls Strong.



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