It's one of those good news - bad news situations. The good news is that someone has come up with a device that translates your cat's vocalizing. The bad news is that there's a connection with Amazon so who know what your cat's been saying to your Alexa device?

According to King 5 News, former Amazon engineer, Javier Sanchez, who used to work on the Alexa program, has developed an app to translate what your cat is saying when it 'speaks'.

The engineer points out that while your dog seems to understand you but cannot speak back, your cat doesn't particularly care what you're saying but has a lot to say to you.

The wearable (for your cat) device is stull under development but the app is called MeowTalk and is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Anyone familiar with cats knows they can go from purr to grrrrr in 0.5 seconds flat, so God only knows what your cat is going to be saying to your Alexa device when you're not home. And if your precious little Mittens stole your credit card numbers while you were making an online order who knows what you'll be getting from Amazon Prime next week. Maybe that new indoor cat treehouse she's been pining for all year.

One thing is certain, you don't want to translate what Rex is saying the day after THAT trip to the veterinarian.

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