No, it's not another Jaws movie or an expansion of Shark Week, but a new Orca, the Orca III, will soon be going in the water searching for sharks.

According to the Associated Press, a group of movie buffs and ocean advocates are turning an old fishing boat into a replica of the Orca, the little boat that wasn't big enough in the 1975 blockbuster, Jaws.

While the Orca III won't be any bigger than the original, it will serve a different purpose. Rather than fishing for lobsters or sharks, the new boat will be set up as an educational tool to help the public better understand sharks and double as a research vessel for scientists.

The work is being done on Martha's Vineyard, where the original film was shot by Steven Spielberg back in the '70s.

The project is being spearheaded by David Bigelow, he was responsible for the acquisition of the soon-to-be Orca III, and was an extra in the original movie. He cites the need for education about the planet's ecosystem as his primary motive.

Joe Alves, who served as production designer on Jaws is also onboard with this project to create a modern and functional replica boat. So is Chris Crawford, he retrofitted the fishing boat called Warlock into the original Orca for the film.

Work is expected to be completed by some time this fall with the first excursions planned for spring of 2021. The conservation group, Beneath The Waves, has already signed on to use the Orca III.

Why the Orca III and not the Orca II? That's a good question. tells us that while the boat in the movie was simply named, Orca, there were two boats used in filming. Orca I was the operational boat used in most of the water scenes, Orca II was a fiberglass version made from a mold of the Orca I and was the one you saw getting destroyed by the giant shark.

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