The dating app Plenty of Fish has released it's latest report on dating trends and once again we've found new ways to do foolish things. Even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

According to Plenty of Fish, here are the top dating trends right now.

Number 5 is Tok-Blocking. This happens when a single person spends their entire day or all of their free time browsing the videos on TikTok rather than seeing what's going on with the people on your dating app. Essentially they're blocking their own chances at meeting someone new.

Number 4 on the list is Zoomlander-ing. This play on the movie Zoolander is when someone spends almost the entire time on a Zoom date checking themselves out instead of paying attention the other person involved. One third of the Gen Z and millennials in the survey say they've been Zoomlandered.

In 3rd place is Fauci-ing. Try not to laugh when you say it, this one actually has some merit. Fauci-ing is declining to date someone because you don't think they're taking the COVID-19 threat seriously enough. About one quarter of the people in the survey said they'd Fauci'd someone since the pandemic began last March.

Second place is held down by Maskerading. Almost the opposite of Fauci-ing, this is when a person masquerades as someone who cares about the dangers of coronavirus and only pretends to take the appropriate safety precautions seriously to impress the other person. Away from that person they really don't care and don't take any precautions.

And in 1st place in these new pandemic dating trends is Apocalypsing. This is when a person treats every new relationship as possibly their last chance for love and dives in head first before really getting to know the other person. One third of the people in the survey admitted to doing this regularly with the Gen Z crowd leading the way.

This one didn't make the top five, but I'm including it as an honorable mention activity.

End-Gaming. This is where you accidentally send a risque image or video of yourself to someone you're dating. If you already have these NSFW images and videos on your phone I'm not sure who you'd send them to if not the person you're dating. Nonetheless, there it is. According to the survey nearly one quarter of the dating world has either received or accidentally sent one of these messages.

The survey included more than 2,000 Plenty of Fish users in the United States between the ages of 18 and 74 with about 60% of them being male. You can see the full Plenty of Fish report here.

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