It's beginning to look like animals are the hot topic at this year's CES Expo. We told you the other day about a robot waiter that looks and acts like a cat, now there's news of a new dog harness that lets you know the mood of your fur baby. Kind of like a mood ring for your puppy.

According to CNET, the Inupathy harness monitors your pet's heart rate and activity to determine whether your dog is happy, excited, relaxed, interested, or stressed. A display on the harness changes color for a visual reference and you can use an app on your phone to give you a readout when you're not around so you'll know just how much separation anxiety your puppy actually has. The app also lets you track patterns over time to learn how to best care for you pet.

This new piece of wearable tech for your four footed family member comes from Langualess and is already available in Japan, availability in the United States is expected later this year.

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