Here's something you weren't expecting to see today, eight dogs in a conga line attempting to set a new Guinness World Record.

Alexa Lauenburger, a 12-year-old dog aspiring trainer from Germany, lined up her eight dogs and walked them along a 5 meter (16.5 feet) distance to set a new Guinness record earlier this year. At first the dogs were so excited to perform that it looked like Alexa was trying to herd cats. Then, one by one, they all lined up in order of size with their front paws on the dog in front of them and off they went.

After successfully breaking one Guinness World Record, Alexa then set out to break a few more. Next on the list was a timed event with one dog jumping over 5 hurdles while remaining on its hind legs. You guessed it, another record with a time of 5.66 seconds.

Then it was Dad's turn. Did I mention that Alexa's father, Wolfgang, is a professional dog trainer in Germany? That may go a long way to explaining Alexa's impressive skills at such a young age. Wolfgang took on the challenge for the fastest 10 meters by a dog on its hind legs with a current record of a blazing fast 3.21 seconds. It took Wolfgang and Emma two attempts but they recorded a time of 3.05 seconds so Dad gets a world record, too.

Then Wolfgang and Maya took a shot at the Guinness World Record for the most spins by a dog in 30 seconds. The record to beat was 32. I won't bore you with details, but that record is toast.

So now Alexa and her father both have two brand new Guinness World Records to their name. They can't leave it like that so Alexa and Jennifer take a shot at the record for the fastest 5 meters backwards by a dog. Of course another record falls.

Congratulations Alexa and Wolfgang, you are both Officially Amazing.

If you think Alexa looks familiar you might be right, she's been on Das Supertalent in Germany and America's Got Talent here in the United States.

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