You may remember that we told you about Glitter Beer a while ago. And while that was ... interesting ... and could be a conversation starter as you consumed it at a party, this new Glitter Multivitamin has us stumped.

The new multivitamins - and as far as we can tell these actually ARE multivitamins - are simply designed to make your poop glitter. The WeAreFeel website tells us that these pills are loaded with the exact recommended daily allowances of 18 key vitamins and minerals. And a mini poop party.



Here's what their founder, Boris Hodakel, had to say.

WeAreFeel strives to be a fun innovative brand, with health and wellness at the forefront of what we do. After we discovered a safe edible formula for glitter we couldn’t wait to apply it to our multivitamins! Being healthy and getting all the nutrients you need shouldn’t be dull and boring, hopefully the prospect of having a glittery toilet will encourage more people to get their daily dose of nutrients!


Surely you wouldn't show that off to anyone would you? OK, this is the age of oversharing on social sites so please, just don't.

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