Some people have common sleep disorders ranging from sleepwalking or sleep eating to night terrors, but doctors are finding that a new trend is cropping up among teenagers – sleep texting.

While most of the messages sent tend to be unreadable gibberish, the proof is in the phone. When some teens look through their messages the next day, they see texts sent at 3 or 4 in the morning.

Adults may also experience this issue, but at this point doctors are seeing it mostly in the teen population and attribute it to sleep deprivation and an increase in texting as one of the most common forms of communication.

Dr. Marcus Schmidt has advice to parents and teens who may find themselves sending messages in the dead of night:

"Four out of five kids that have cell phones sleep with the cell phone in the bedroom, next to their bed and only one in ten actually turn it off," Dr. Schmidt said. To get a good night's sleep, [he] recommend leaving your cell phone somewhere else, so your fingers don't do the walking. "As far away as possible and even out of the bedroom," Dr. Schmidt said.

He adds that teens and children should go to bed earlier, but try telling that to my 17-year-old. A night when he’s in bed by midnight is a rarity.

Do you have any sleep disorders? Would you fear, as I do, that you would possibly send something awful, like finally telling someone off?

Get more info about sleep texting here.

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