Here's something for people who love games and hate bugs. There's a new video game called Kill It With Fire and it pits you against man's mortal enemy; a spider.

As everyone knows, spiders are man's oldest and most feared nemesis. Therefore nearly any weapon can legitimately be brought to bear on this tiny (or not) eight legged creature. Start small and work your way up the list, your arsenal is nearly endless with ninja stars, handguns, frying pans, dynamite and more.

Sure, you'll wreck the house in the process but it's only a virtual house and a reset will bring it all back to normal. You can even throw your video game controller at the little beast. But do everyone a favor and use the virtual controller inside the game, not the real one in your hand.

When all else fails, light that flame thrower and kill it with fire. It's what you wanted to do all along.

Kill It With Fire retails for around $15 and is now available on Steam, you can check out all of the system requirements there.

And just in case you missed it when it made the theater circuit back in 2002, here's the trailer from one of my favorite creepy critter movies of all time.

I"m not sure if it's available on any streaming services, but it's definitely worth checking out if you're into campy, making fun of itself, sci-fi movies about giant arachnids running amok in the world.

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