Five cats seems like a lot to manage. Fifteen seems excessive but we still dated that woman for over a month. Fifty would appear to be utterly unmanageable. But 134?

The threesome above were arrested in Albany, N.Y. and charged with mistreating animals, as 134 cats were found living in, under and outside of their trailer. According to Q103, who obtained the info from local police reports, Arthur C. Millard, 53, his son, Earl J. Millard, 26, and Mary A. Ryan, 61, their sister-in-law and aunt, respectively, have been under investigation for about a month.

While it might seem noble that they would take in stray cats with incredible frequency, it actually does more harm than good, as disease can fester. Authorities have begun the process of extracting the cats and sadly, 19 of them had to be euthanized immediately. Two were found dead on site. One of them was just really ticked off.

The Times Union reports that the trio was charged with one count each of failure to provide proper sustenance/animal neglect, one count each of failing to provide the animals with vaccinations and three counts of looking like absolute lunatics.

At least 64 of the cats have been placed in foster homes. Except that one, who still, is just really ticked off.

[Via Q103]

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