According to a recent study asking what was essential for a perfect morning, about 24% of the respondents said they wanted to start the day with yoga. I know just enough about yoga to be dangerous but a lot of people seem to enjoy it. So it came in at #9 on their list.

The 8th most popular item on the list of morning essentials was a glass of juice. I am 100% in on this one. I grew up with a small glass of orange juice every morning and can't seem to shake the habit.

Coming in at #7, #6, and #5 were listen to a podcast, read the news, and watch the news.

This brings us to the top four things that people find essential for getting their day started on the right foot. #4 is meditation. What? I've never actually gone to a class for this, but from what I've read ... I still have no idea what it's all about. In fact, that's what some of the articles I've read say it's all about, having no ideas in your head. That doesn't really work for me.

The next item mentioned, coming at at #3 with 40% of the respondents citing it,  was exercise. I'm all in on this one too. Well, I'm all in once I get started, it's that getting out of the house and into the gym or onto the bike that's the hardest part. Once I'm there I'm all in and it really does make me feel better the rest of the day.

Just inching out exercising with 41% and coming it at #2 was a tasty breakfast. I am such a creature of habit that if I'm going out  to a breakfast meeting I'll have a quick breakfast before I leave the house just because it's what I do. Silly, I know, but that's how I roll.

That just leaves us with the #1 item that the respondents to the survey found essential for starting their day and it really comes as no surprise. Coming in with 52% is having a cup of coffee. I really cannot imagine starting the day without one. Mine is usually in conjunction with watching/reading/listening to the news and my tasty breakfast.

When it came to what people wish they had in the mornings 74% of them said more time. Even just 10 extra minutes. That's almost enough time for a second cup of coffee.

Is there anything you find essential for your morning routine that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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