A thief is a thief, but don't lump the rest of us Cowboys fans in with this lady.

Over in Del City, Oklahoma, the local police department is currently looking for a thief. This lady wearing what appears to be a Dez Bryant Cowboys jersey, went into a store and tried to steal a VISA gift card. She was trying to add $500 to the prepaid card while an employee was not looking and got busted.

When am employee saw what she was doing they intervened. The suspect then assaulted the employee and got out of the store and fled. The Del City Police Department is currently looking for this suspect and threw Cowboys fans under the bus by saying. 'This suspect appears to be a Cowboys fan and there can't be that many out there. Maybe after that win. #bandwagon.' 

I will always love my Cowboys, not sure what they're talking about with this bandwagon nonsense.

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