Thieves in our neck of the woods better think twice before stealing someone’s catalytic converter.

I’ve written many stories over the last couple of years about the rise of catalytic converter thefts. While most of what I write is focused on Texas, it’s a problem that’s been sweeping the country in recent years.

The reason for the spike in catalytic converter thefts is that the price of the metals inside has skyrocketed. Nationwide thefts in 2022 were a whopping 540% higher than in 2020, according to USA Today.

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And if you happen to fall victim to catalytic converter theft, expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 for a replacement. Ouch.

So, it’s good to see our lawmakers stepping up their efforts to curb the current crime wave.

Fox 4 News reports Senate Bill 432, if passed, will make possession of a stolen catalytic converter a state jail felony. And the thing is, the thief doesn’t have to be caught in the act. Mere possession of a stolen catalytic converter will land you in state jail.

Of course, there are protections in place for legitimate businesses in possession of catalytic converters.

In case you’re wondering, a state jail felony in Texas will result in anywhere from 180 days to two years behind bars. Hopefully, the thought of spending a minimum of six months in the slammer will make people hesitant to partake in catalytic converter theft.

We’ll see.

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