Oh so this means you're part of the rebel alliance and a traitor. Take him away!

I have SO many questions about this story. Tulsa Police shared footage of a man stealing a stormtrooper from the front of someone's home. I can already tell whoever lives in this house, I would be friends with them. Nah, we don't have any stupid gnomes at the front of our house. We got stormtroopers.

Granted, they won't protect you because they can't aim for s***. I do love how the person that runs the Tulsa Police Facebook page is a nerd like me.

It is entirely possible that he was upset with Order 66 and revenging the Jedi. However, in Oklahoma, it's still a crime.
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The Force Will Be Strong with the Chosen One who can bring this nerf-herder before the Jedi Council (or in this case, Criminal Court). Imperial Credit (AKA cash rewards) are paid for information that leads to an arrest.


At least they didn't call the guy scruffy looking. That's a real insult in the Star Wars universe. Hopefully someone recognizes this guy so the stormtrooper can get returned. I assume it's some kid who loves this thing. Then again, could be a guy like me showing off his nerdom to the neighborhood.
By the way, this is our second Star Wars related theft story of the day. A guy got busted stealing a ten THOUSAND dollar R2-D2 at Disney. Check out that hilarious story here.
Remember, May the Force be with you.

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