There's no doubt about it, we've all said some things in the first half of this year that we never thought we'd say. Things that wouldn't make any sense any time other than 2020. And the year is only halfway through.

BroBible posted a question on Twitter asking for people to share some of the things they've said this year that wouldn't have made sense just a few months ago and the results, while amusing, are things many of us have uttered.

For instance, "They wouldn't let me into the bank because I wasn't wearing a mask." What? A few months ago they wouldn't have let you INTO most businesses if you were wearing a mask over your face, now we get dirty looks if we're not.

Another phrase that popped up frequently was, "That was a beautiful Zoom wedding." Believe it or not, Zoom has been around since 2013. It just wasn't until the pandemic impacted all of our lives in the spring of 2020 that we learned what a handy tool it had become.

Then came the change in the way we held our children's birthday parties. How many times have you been invited to a "drive-by birthday party" this year? Last year that would have been rude. Drive by, wave, toot your car horn, head on back home. What???

The story didn't last long in the news cycle, but more than one of us has been overheard saying, "Thank goodness those murder hornets weren't worse." What kind of crazy year has this been that something as ominous sounding as "murder hornets" barely gets a mention?

But one of my favorite makes-perfect-sense-for-2020 sayings is, "I don't care what you heard on TV, don't inject yourself with bleach."

There are plenty more, just check out the story on BroBible.

Yup, the first half of 2020 has been interesting. When you start to wonder what's in store for us in the second half, just remember that if you take the first letters of the next five months it spells JASON.



And in November the 13th falls on a Friday.

Enough said.

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