That money went down the drain because we all found out about it. 

27-year-old Thao Doan has been accused of sleeping with one of her students at Quintanilla Middle School. Police were called earlier this month when the parent of the student called because the boy received thousands of dollars from his teacher. The teacher wound up giving the student around twenty-eight thousand dollars.

Doan admitted to conversing with the student via social media and text messages while the student was attending Quintanilla Middle School, according to police. In July 2015, Doan picked the student up at his home and drove to a nearby park, where they had sex. The two engaged in sexual behavior on numerous other occasions in 2015.

In January of 2016, Doan started getting messages from an unknown person demanding money. The person said in exchange for money, they would not tell police of the relationship and apparently had text message conversations to prove the relationship.

Doan had sex with the student again as recently as December, according to her affidavit. Doan was arrested last week and was released after paying a $25,000 bond. Dallas ISD confirmed Doan was placed on administrative leave.

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