It would be at this moment that I quit my job at Walmart.

I've told you guys many times before, I don't deal with snakes. Over in Cross Roads, Texas, an off duty police officer heard a loud scream in the local Walmart parking lot. He went to go see what was going on. An employee fetching shopping carts was startled by a rat snake wrapped around the cart handle.

I would have crapped my pants right then if I wasn't paying attention and touched that thing. Police were able to get in contact with a local snake expert to get the snake to a better home. The snake handler was bitten once while in the process of retrieving them from the cart.

The North East Police Department is using this to warn residents that due to above normal rain the past few weeks, this is forcing snakes out of their natural habitats. So be on the lookout for snakes, they could be anywhere. Time to barricade myself in my home and hope the snakes don't get to me.

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