So you've been thinking about doing the Hotter'N Hell Hundred but a HUNDRED MILES sounds a little over-ambitious. Or you have young children or grandchildren who aren't ready for a ride that far. Easy, start with the 10K course on us!

Courtesy Hotter'N Hell Hundred
Courtesy Hotter'N Hell Hundred

The Hotter'N Hell Hundred is a very family friendly event, with several courses available for the Endurance Ride. You can sign up for the full 100 mile century ride, the 100K metric century, the 50 mile and 25 mile courses, and the often overlooked 10K. The 10K is for people who want to be a part of the world's largest single day bicycling event but for one reason or another aren't ready for the longer rides. It's open to everyone from children on up to grandparents and all of the participants still get a ride T-Shirt at registration and their own Finisher's Medal when they roll across the finish line.

And don't miss out on the fun at Finish Line Village! The 10K riders line up after the faster riders so they don't have to worry about getting caught up in all of the bicycle traffic, then just about the time you get back from your epic 10K adventure things will be getting started at Finish Line Village! Enjoy a cold drink or some ice cream, explore the Consumer Show inside the Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall, and pull up a chair under the Entertainment Tent to enjoy some live music! The music runs from 10:00 a.m. until about 4:00 p.m so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your day and cheer on the rest of the riders as they come in.

From seasoned riders to youngsters on their first HHH adventure, the Hotter'N Hell Hundred has something for every level of cyclist.

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