It’s always a terrifying feeling whenever an officer pulls you over. As soon as you see the red and blue flashing lights, your heart starts racing, and you start wondering if the officer is going to issue you an expensive citation or let you off with just a warning. However, one North Texas sheriff's department would rather provide financial assistance to motorists with vehicle safety violations, rather than issue fines.

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The sheriff's department is participating in this initiative because they believe that vehicle compliance translates into safer roadways. Hopefully, by issuing gift cards instead of citations, they will inspire motorists to fix any issues with their vehicles in a timely manner. These gift cards will also financially assist those who may not be able to afford to pay for a both a ticket, and the needed repairs to their vehicle.

By handing out these $25 gift cards to motorists, the department is showing drivers that they actually care about their vehicle's safety and that they are not out patrolling the roadways, just to write as many tickets as they possibly can.


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