A North Texas resident was in for a bit of a shock the other night when a pickup truck plowed through his living room, drove through their house, and crashed in the backyard.

WFAA is reporting that on Wednesday night around 11 PM, Dallas police received a call about a vehicle crashing into a residential home on San Jacinto Street in Old East Dallas.  The home’s resident was relaxing, and watching television when a pickup truck drove through his living room.

A neighbor captured the entire incident on video from their home’s surveillance system.  The video shows the pickup truck speeding down a residential street, and failing to stop at an intersection, before crashing into the dwelling. The truck was going so fast, that it drove straight through the home's living room, before crashing into the home’s backyard.

According to KDFW, the pickup truck’s driver had a medical incident that caused him to lose control of his vehicle, which caused the accident.  Law enforcement believes that the driver may have been experiencing a seizure when the accident occurred.

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When firefighters arrived on the scene, they were able to successfully extract the driver from the truck. The driver was then rushed to a nearby hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.  While the driver suffered serious injuries, the home’s resident was unharmed. The pickup truck will not be removed from the dwelling until engineers can determine how badly the structure was damaged in the accident.

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