Nearly everyone has heard that social distancing can help reduce the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, now the Ohio Department of Health has used hundreds of ping pong balls to illustrate how.

In the 30 second PSA you'll see the results of dropping one infected ping pong ball onto a table filled with closely positioned mouse traps and ping pong balls, then what happens when the mouse traps and ping pong balls are spread out just a bit. Aside from being lots of fun to watch, it illustrates how quickly a virus can spread with people interacting really closely.

Need another explanation and example? This one comes from CBS 8 in San Diego, California.

There aren't quite as many ping pong balls bouncing around, but there is a bit more of an explanation as to why keeping a little distance can help us all flatten the curve of COVID-19 spread.

Now that I think about it, I haven't seen that many ping pong balls in one place since watching Captain Kangaroo when I was a kid.

Practice proper social distancing, stay safe, stay home, stay Falls Strong.


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