As difficult as the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic social restrictions are to handle, there are bright points here and there. One of those was pointed out in a recent article on PRNNewswire.

According to their story more of us are preparing more of our meals at home. The Take Out Tuesday idea from Downtown Wichita Falls Development is a great way to support local businesses when they need it most, and it's a nice way to break up the week (and remember what day of the week it actually is), but it's much less expensive to prepare your meals at home than it is to have them delivered. Creating home cooked meals can also be a nice time to do some things with your kids and teach them some great life skills while you're at it.

According to the article our extended time at home has lead to many of us becoming more confident in the kitchen and wasting less food overall. When I was a kid we almost never ate out and leftovers would either be mixed into the next day's recipes or simply reheated and served again. That's just the way it was. Getting those family mealtimes back again is actually a very good thing.

We've also become a little more adventurous with our food choices as a result of the shelter in place orders around the world.

But not everything in this article was good, it also pointed out that about half of us have taken to snacking more throughout the day.


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