An investigation is finally concluded into the actions of Amanda Oatis, a former Oklahoma Department of Corrections Officer.

Amanda Oatis had been working at the Oklahoma City Community Corrections Center since July 7, 2018. She was fired on February 4, 2019 after the center became aware of some of her actions. An investigation began as to what Amanda had allegedly did with some of the inmates.

She has 34 charges coming her way since the investigation has concluded. Seventeen of those counts are sexual battery and another three counts of forcible sodomy. That's not all, Amanda has another fourteen counts coming her way. Those include things like delivering a cellphone and alcohol to inmates.

The department has released a full statement on this investigation. "This behavior is never tolerated. All ODOC staff are trained and keenly aware that any sexual contact with an inmate is illegal.” Amanda Oatis is currently being held in the Oklahoma City Jail.

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