I can imagine the Attorney General for Oklahoma fuming mad over this.

This week's update on the Oklahoma topless law has women actually going topless. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which represents Oklahoma, recently said that topless laws were unconstitutional. So a group of ladies in Oklahoma City organized a topless scooter ride through downtown.

Now the Facebook group said 'hundreds' were coming to the event. Dozens showed up to the event instead and rode around Bricktown on scooters 'topless'. I put topless in quotes because the women were told the laws state no exposed areoles in Oklahoma. So I am guessing the ladies that went 'topless' had some form of pasty on. Only four ladies in total went 'topless'.

We will see if someone in Oklahoma tries to fight that state ordinance for areoles for ladies. No one was arrested during the topless scooter ride and the organizer says she plans to make this annual event.


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