He was allegedly holding his girlfriend and three-year-old son hostage for six days, but the story takes a different turn when police investigate.

A woman came into the Collinsville, Oklahoma police station saying she just escaped from her boyfriend. She detailed the abuse she and her son had gone through for almost a week. She said Gustus Pennington began by spanking, then hitting, the child as a form of punishment. She told deputies she told Pennington to stop hitting the child or she would leave but he refused.

She then claims that Pennington put a shock collar on the child. She claims he used it so much it actually drained the battery. Police were in the middle of getting a search warrant for the residence when Pennington was pulled over for a traffic violation. The officer on the scene said," Pennington was armed with a large bowie style knife, loaded revolver handgun, and a belt with numerous live rounds of ammunition. In Pennington's vehicle it appeared he was trying to flee the area as he had clothes and sleeping gear packed, including his house cat."

Here is where the story turns, this woman was letting this abuse go on. Jeanette Wilson was playing the victim, but during a search of the residence. Police were able to obtain cell phones where messages were exchanged detailing the abuse. Jeannette says she was trusting Gus to use the shock collar on the child because it would 're-wire her brain'. Wilson reportedly told deputies she was witness to much of the abuse and that she had multiple opportunities to leave the residence but didn't.

Both have been arrested and booked in the Rogers County Jail. Pennington was arrested and booked into Rogers County Jail on allegations of kidnapping, domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, child abuse, and possession of a controlled substance.Jeanette Wilson was arrested for felony allegations of child abuse/neglect and enabling child abuse.

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