With all the teachers sleeping with students stories we have done, I'm trying to figure out which one is worse. 

Megan Sloan was a teacher at Holmes Park Elementary in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. She was recently arrested on several charges, such as embezzlement and several drug-related charges. Megan Sloan had several different drugs on her, while on school property. The investigation began after Sloan left her Facebook open and another teacher saw a conversation she was having with someone else.

Sloan discussed buying heroin and pawning off school property. Police came to question Sloan and they asked if she had any drugs on her. She admitted to having some Xanax in her purse. Police found a lot more than that. They found multiple syringes, some with exposed needles and one with heroin in it. Police also found .4 grams of methamphetamine in Sloan's purse, according to documents.

Sloan admitted to stealing two of the school's iPads and pawning them off for drug money. She also stole around $125 from her students that was supposed to be used for a field trip. She instead took that money and spent it on drugs.

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