Most of us have, or have had, a pet or two. And we love them. But do we love them more than we love our kids?

A surprising number of respondents to a recent survey said they did!

The survey was published by the New York Post and indicated that about one third of the people taking part, a full 34%, said that they loved their pets more than they loved their children. The survey also pointed out a few key indicators that you're becoming obsessed with your pet.

The first indicator that you may have a problem is giving your pet its own social media account. 44% of the pet owners surveyed said that would be over the top. That means 56% thought it would be OK. It's not the kind of thing I'm likely to do, but one of my friends here in town has an account for her dog and they have more than 35,000 followers! You can check it out at Daily Dose of Douglas on Facebook. That little dog gets a lot of love from a lot of people.

Have you thrown your pet a birthday party? I know people who've done this but all of the pets I've had as an adult have been rescues that just showed up at my house and I really don't know when they were born.

Do you buy your pet a lot of clothes or accessories? That's an indicator of obsession. I've been known to buy the cat toy or two for my current cat, Persi, but she's usually more interested in an empty cardboard box or crumpled up paper bag than anything I might get for her. As for clothes ... Have you ever tried to put clothing on a cat? I don't have a death wish. My sister may have done this with doll clothes and farm cats when we were kids, but I was too busy playing with my tractors and trucks.

Do you spend more for a special meal for your pet than for yourself? Seriously? That's not going to happen in my house. Fortunately most of my pets have not been picky eaters.

Does your dog or cat sleep on your bed. Every cat I've had as an adult has found their own spot at the bottom of the bed. When I was a kid we had farm pets and the cats and dogs had their own places to sleep in the out buildings.

Have you and your pet ever worn matching outfits? This is a thing? Seriously?

Have you ever turned down an invitation because your pet couldn't come with you? I do know people who take their dogs with them EVERYWHERE THEY GO. But for most of us we just work around their letting them out or letting them in schedules. Gotta admit though, sometimes it's a handy excuse to leave a party that you really didn't want to attend in the first place.

Do you have more photos of your pet on your phone than you do of your children? I'm gonna have to say yes to this one only because I have no children.

Have you ever taken your pet to a pet spa? I really can't wrap my head around the idea that there even is such a thing.

Do you call your pet your "child" or your "baby"? I've called Persi a "Goof" on numerous occasions but then she's a cat, that kind of comes with the territory.

The bottom line is, pets, especially rescue pets, are wonderful additions to our homes and can greatly enrich our lives. But let's remember, they're just pets. If you actually have children, they should come first.

If you don't have a pet, or have room in your home for another, there are always great adoption opportunities at the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services. Check some of them here at

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