UFOs and extra-terrestrial life seem to be hot topics lately. That's partly because of the stipulation that the government share information on UFO sightings by the end of June and partly just because it's good fun.

Now OREO cookies is getting in on the act.

A couple days ago they started an ad where they staked out some prime UFO hotbed territory in rural Kansas and left an OREO treat as bait for the otherworldly beings.

OREO even let the public vote on their Twitter page as to what treat should be left as a peace offering. Double Stuff won with nearly 46%, the Original OREO cookie was next at about 35%.

Then, as every UFO spotter knows, the waiting began.

In a later commercial in the series we see the sleepy but adventurous OREO employees watching from a distance. When their tablet begins to glitch they realize something is going on. Upon reaching the peace offering left in the crop circle they realize ... the aliens have already come and gone. And they took the cookies with them.

OREO Cookies has even made a limited edition series of The OREO Offering cookies available on their website.

OREO Cookies via YouTube
OREO Cookies via YouTube

The cookies are free but you'll need to pay $3.00 shipping and handling. When I checked this morning they were out of stock but you can sign up to know when they're available again.

Once you have your own OREO Offering the idea is to place the package somewhere with a clear view of the night sky, then place an OREO (flavor of your choice) inside the blue circle. All you have to do after that is wait to see if your OREO Offering has been accepted by ... whatever or whoever is out there.

Honestly, I can't think of a better peace offering for an extra-terrestrial being. I mean, the cookies themselves do look quite a bit like tiny flying saucers.

OREO says the cookie inside the package is simply an Original OREO Cookie.

To find out what's inside the government report on UFOs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, we'll have to wait until the report is made public sometime later this month.

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