Back in the day, and I mean WAAAAAAYYYYYY back in the day, parents would punish their misbehaving kids by sending them to their room. Then kids got TVs and video games and computers connecting them to the internet in their rooms and that punishment didn't really carry much weight any more. Now when parents need to punish their kids they threaten to take their phone away. That stings!

When a 15 year-old girl in Denton, Texas, was caught sneaking boys into a sleepover she was given the choice of losing her phone for one month or losing it for two weeks but with her parents taking over her social media accounts. She chose the two weeks.

The world is happy, the girl maybe not so much. It seems that her parents takeover of her social media accounts like Facebook Tik-Tok have pretty much gone viral.


Her father, Larry, is chronicling it all on his own Facebook account as well.

The parents are having so much fun that when Madelynn attempted to change her mind (after just one day!) they said they still had too many video ideas and turned her offer down.

Even Today has picked up the story.

Young Madelynn may never live this down, but at least she does seem to have some pretty cool parents.


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