Warning! The video at the bottom of this article is fairly violent, so you've been warned.

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According to this article, officers spotted a vehicle that had been carjacked.


He Takes Off

The officers pulled up behind the suspect without using any emergency lights or sirens, but the suspect must have noticed them anyway, as he fled the scene immediately.

The Chase

After speeding away for a few minutes, the suspect crashed his car.  When officers caught up to him, he shot one of them.  That's about the time the video below starts recording.


A Violent Scene Unfolds

We can hear several shots being fired, and barely make out the officer dragging himself back toward the other vehicles. The people taking the video comment that he is unable to get up.

An Alternate View

The video then switched to a camera recording from the highway very near the scene. We can see police officers and civilians helping out the officer who had been shot.

Watch the video below:


@fox26houston HOUSTON SHOOTOUT Video shows civilians pull an injured officer to safety as bullets fly in a shootout with a carjacking suspect on a Houston freeway. Read the full story on fox26houston.com #houston #policeshootouts #shootout #houstoncrime #fox26houston ♬ original sound - FOX 26 Houston


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