Even with the brand new prairie dog facility, we still have too many. Don't worry, they're finding a good new home.

Back in February, we learned about the upgraded prairie dog facility coming to Kiwanis Park. The prairie dogs that have lived in the old facility for decades now had just outgrown it. The population of the prairie dogs has been growing and the animals have been spreading into other parts of the park that they shouldn't be in. Neighbors to Kiwanis Park have also reported the prairie dogs in their yard. Some have even said the prairie dogs have crossed Southwest Parkway into the cemetery across the street.

Looks like the new prairie dog habitat is finished and ready to go. Even with the new facility, the prairie dog population is too big for it. Some of the animals are going to be relocated to other parts of Texas. The City of Wichita Falls brought in an animal relocation company called Recycled Vermin, who have been featured on the show 'Dirty Jobs.'

The company is capturing any prairie dogs that have escaped the enclosure. They inject suds and water into the holes and the little guys will scurry out. Someone then catches the prairie dogs and sends them to a vet to get checked out. Lynda Watson with Recycled Vermin told the City of Wichita Falls that after the prairie dogs get checked out, they will be going to ranches all over our great state to enjoy the rest of their days.

I know some people in our town are still upset about the construction equipment that drove over the old prairie dog habitat. The city says that they would be fine once that construction began and I know some of you don't believe that. I think some of us would have liked to have seen this relocation process done before the construction began and then put the prairie dogs the city is keeping back into the new facility.

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